Edi Chen is an award-winning fine art photographer and photography educator based in New York City. Her meticulous architectural images capture the marvel of urban centers. Raised in Beijing, Chen admires the layered histories present in urban environments, capturing these marvelous edifices in black and white photographs. A search for symmetry informs these images, depicting moments over the course of a year of travels to diverse architectural cities. 

Edi has garnered numerous photography awards from The EPSON International Pano awards, International Photography Awards, PX3 De La Photographie Paris, Fine Art Photography Awards, Black and White Spider Awards, International Photographer of the year, International Photography Awards, Monochrome Photography Awards and Neutral Density Photography Awards. Edi’s artworks has been exhibited in many cities and numerous galleries.

Edi’s work has been featured on PPA magazine, MonoVisions, Editor Choice on 500px, Photo of The Day on Siena International Photo Awards, Editor Featured on National Geographic, Lensculture, Dodho Magazine, ND Magazine.