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Fujifilm X-T3 open box

Today is a special day for me. I switch to Fujifilm X-T3 from Canon for being a loyalty Canon user for more than 10 years. I started with Canon compact camera to SLR 400D, and then 5D Mark II, Mark III. I’ve worked with Canon body and lenses for my first 10-year career, it served me very well, never have a problem during work. But things changed since 2016, I started my fine art photography project which needs travel a lot in the city and outside in the further. The weight is the big problem with my back for a long time daily walking. I can’t walk half day long with my three lenses and DSLR, and tripods. I know it’s a time for facing these excuse in my career, drop some weight, change my lifestyle for better photography experience. I don’t care about the full frame issue today, any latest camera can do the job very well, this is called Technology. I’ve fallen in love with Fujifilm X-T2 with first seeing it two years ago, so I’m excited to hear that X-T3 will be coming soon this year. It’s the right time for me, although winter is coming, I still need to work harder than any time before.

Okay, let’s open my new baby’s box to see how it will surprise me.

The first impression of the box is very solid, high quality one. Simple and cool.



A big CAUTION inside the box to warning the new function of the focus adjustment control of viewfinder in three different languages.



Now, it is the breathtaking moment, ta-la. I have to say it is very well built, very well, such a perfect camera body I’ve ever had. So lucky that I have chosen the silver one which gives it a vintage look but modern feeling.


Then comes the accessories.


The charger must be different when purchasing in the different country, but it is easy for replacement.




There is a mini flash included! Surprised me!


Camera strap included, but I gonna use my own leather one. The clip attaching tool is very useful to open a strap clip, it helped me a lot.


Here are all the stuffs in the box.


I can’t wait to travel with my baby X-T3, maybe tomorrow, for some testing. Before that I need much more time to read the owner’s manual to learn how to use it.




Fujifilm is so sweet to give us a hot shoe cover to protect dust. 5+ stars.





I can’t find the serial number plate and made in China sticker anywhere. It makes camera body so clean.





Slide the latch down to remover the connector cover design is perfect when you shoot video.



Remote release connector cover is separate with others.


Two SD card slots. 5+ stars. This is so important for me as a DSLR user, it gives more safety for data backup. I have no problem of lost data before but it is better than none.




With my 23mm F1.4 lens. Pretty baby.





With the mini flash. Not bad, right?!



Thanks for watching. I will do more testing and review as a new Fujifilm user in the next few days. Please feel free to leave a common to ask any question about X-T3.

The Best Urban Camera Backpack For Everyday Carrying

As a professional photographer who walks around the city every day, the weight and size of the backpack are important to me. Especially when I am taking the subway, the bigger backpack takes up too much space and it is also not convenient when to sit down. It was so hard to find a perfect backpack that both have the portable size and handy function. I have never stopped the desire to search for better solutions from various brands until I saw a deal on B&H last month. I finally got my Lowerpro ProTactic BP 250AW at the price of just $65.27 including tax (now $99.99 on Amazon / $118.99 on eBay). After using it for a month, I shared my feelings here:

Lowepro Pro Tactic BP 250AW review by
Lowepro Pro Tactic BP 250AW review by
Lowepro Pro Tactic BP 250AW review by
Lowepro Pro Tactic BP 250AW review by

Before started I would especially talk about the feeling of backpacking, because it is so comfortable! The wide spacing between the shoulder straps is particularly suitable, and the ventilation system on the back is very well designed and does not feel particularly painful on the shoulders.

Lowepro Pro Tactic BP 250AW review by
Lowepro Pro Tactic BP 250AW review by

First of all, the 250AW package is the smallest one in the series, with 350AW and 450AW respectively. The size and capacity of this bag are designed for mirrorless camera users, but I found that my Canon EOS 5D Mark III and 24-105mm lenses are completely problem-free. Even can hold one camera and two lenses have no problem, there is still a lot of space enough to put batteries and accessories. Compared to the Lowepro Flipside 200 I used before, there is more space for accessories and all the grid are flexible, the most important thing is there is a space for iPad and notebook.


Lowepro Pro Tactic BP 250AW review by
Lowepro Pro Tactic BP 250AW review by

The padded Touch-Fastened interior dividers can be completely customized or removed. This is particularly intimate can be changed according to fulfill equipment upon different needs. I removed the bottom layer of the partition to put my Lee filter system for long exposure.


Lowepro Pro Tactic BP 250AW review by


My favorite back-open design of this bag completely cures me who feel not safe. In addition, the backpack has also designed 3 side access pockets on both sides and above, it is very convenient to take my camera and filters out of the bag, never have to worry about opening the entire backpack on the street.



Lowepro Pro Tactic BP 250AW review by


Lowepro Pro Tactic BP 250AW review by


When I first got the backpack, I found that the whole bag was solid and tough, like a tortoiseshell. This is also one of the reason make me purchased. I prefer to take the camera from the top, the accessories are placed on both sides, this design just right for my appetite. I like the top opening design, I feel very safe with it.


Lowepro Pro Tactic BP 250AW review by



Lowepro Pro Tactic BP 250AW review by


In addition to these, the built-in rain cover may give this product a 5 starts rate, it can protect the backpack and equipment when raining and snowing.


Lowepro Pro Tactic BP 250AW review by


I’ve used the Lowepro Flipside 200 for many years, which is also a very good one and I like it so much, but compared with the Pro Tactic 250AW, there is less space for iPad and notebook, no side pockets, no built-in rain cover.


I hope you can know more about Pro Tactic series by reading my review and wish you to get a perfect camera bag to travel with you.




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